Oval Diamond

If there ever was a single diamond shape chosen to define the early 2020s, it would be the Oval. As versatile as the Round, almost as sparkly, but bringing the added benefit of elongating the wearer’s finger and appearing slightly larger than other shapes of the same carat weight, the Oval is a first-rate choice for an engagement ring.
Combined with a plain band or a simple pavé setting, the Oval brings more than enough fire and brilliance to create a stunning ring. Then again, contemporary and vintage styles also work well with this timeless silhouette. Containing some 58 facets (the same number as the Round), the Oval is a dream of scintillation and beauty.

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GIA Diamond Shape:

Diamond carat Size:

0.3 - 0.39 carat oval diamond

D0.3 Oval D FL0.3 Oval D IF0.3 Oval D VVS10.3 Oval D VVS20.3 Oval D VS10.3 Oval D VS20.3 Oval D SI10.3 Oval D SI20.3 Oval D I10.3 Oval D I20.3 Oval D I3
E0.3 Oval E FL0.3 Oval E IF0.3 Oval E VVS10.3 Oval E VVS20.3 Oval E VS10.3 Oval E VS20.3 Oval E SI10.3 Oval E SI20.3 Oval E I10.3 Oval E I20.3 Oval E I3
F0.3 Oval F FL0.3 Oval F IF0.3 Oval F VVS10.3 Oval F VVS20.3 Oval F VS10.3 Oval F VS20.3 Oval F SI10.3 Oval F SI20.3 Oval F I10.3 Oval F I20.3 Oval F I3
G0.3 Oval G FL0.3 Oval G IF0.3 Oval G VVS10.3 Oval G VVS20.3 Oval G VS10.3 Oval G VS20.3 Oval G SI10.3 Oval G SI20.3 Oval G I10.3 Oval G I20.3 Oval G I3
H0.3 Oval H FL0.3 Oval H IF0.3 Oval H VVS10.3 Oval H VVS20.3 Oval H VS10.3 Oval H VS20.3 Oval H SI10.3 Oval H SI20.3 Oval H I10.3 Oval H I20.3 Oval H I3
I0.3 Oval I FL0.3 Oval I IF0.3 Oval I VVS10.3 Oval I VVS20.3 Oval I VS10.3 Oval I VS20.3 Oval I SI10.3 Oval I SI20.3 Oval I I10.3 Oval I I20.3 Oval I I3
J0.3 Oval J FL0.3 Oval J IF0.3 Oval J VVS10.3 Oval J VVS20.3 Oval J VS10.3 Oval J VS20.3 Oval J SI10.3 Oval J SI20.3 Oval J I10.3 Oval J I20.3 Oval J I3
K0.3 Oval K FL0.3 Oval K IF0.3 Oval K VVS10.3 Oval K VVS20.3 Oval K VS10.3 Oval K VS20.3 Oval K SI10.3 Oval K SI20.3 Oval K I10.3 Oval K I20.3 Oval K I3
L0.3 Oval L FL0.3 Oval L IF0.3 Oval L VVS10.3 Oval L VVS20.3 Oval L VS10.3 Oval L VS20.3 Oval L SI10.3 Oval L SI20.3 Oval L I10.3 Oval L I20.3 Oval L I3
M0.3 Oval M FL0.3 Oval M IF0.3 Oval M VVS10.3 Oval M VVS20.3 Oval M VS10.3 Oval M VS20.3 Oval M SI10.3 Oval M SI20.3 Oval M I10.3 Oval M I20.3 Oval M I3
N-Y0.3 Oval N-Y FL0.3 Oval N-Y IF0.3 Oval N-Y VVS10.3 Oval N-Y VVS20.3 Oval N-Y VS10.3 Oval N-Y VS20.3 Oval N-Y SI10.3 Oval N-Y SI20.3 Oval N-Y I10.3 Oval N-Y I20.3 Oval N-Y I3

0.4 - 0.49 carat oval diamond

D0.4 Oval D FL0.4 Oval D IF0.4 Oval D VVS10.4 Oval D VVS20.4 Oval D VS10.4 Oval D VS20.4 Oval D SI10.4 Oval D SI20.4 Oval D I10.4 Oval D I20.4 Oval D I3
E0.4 Oval E FL0.4 Oval E IF0.4 Oval E VVS10.4 Oval E VVS20.4 Oval E VS10.4 Oval E VS20.4 Oval E SI10.4 Oval E SI20.4 Oval E I10.4 Oval E I20.4 Oval E I3
F0.4 Oval F FL0.4 Oval F IF0.4 Oval F VVS10.4 Oval F VVS20.4 Oval F VS10.4 Oval F VS20.4 Oval F SI10.4 Oval F SI20.4 Oval F I10.4 Oval F I20.4 Oval F I3
G0.4 Oval G FL0.4 Oval G IF0.4 Oval G VVS10.4 Oval G VVS20.4 Oval G VS10.4 Oval G VS20.4 Oval G SI10.4 Oval G SI20.4 Oval G I10.4 Oval G I20.4 Oval G I3
H0.4 Oval H FL0.4 Oval H IF0.4 Oval H VVS10.4 Oval H VVS20.4 Oval H VS10.4 Oval H VS20.4 Oval H SI10.4 Oval H SI20.4 Oval H I10.4 Oval H I20.4 Oval H I3
I0.4 Oval I FL0.4 Oval I IF0.4 Oval I VVS10.4 Oval I VVS20.4 Oval I VS10.4 Oval I VS20.4 Oval I SI10.4 Oval I SI20.4 Oval I I10.4 Oval I I20.4 Oval I I3
J0.4 Oval J FL0.4 Oval J IF0.4 Oval J VVS10.4 Oval J VVS20.4 Oval J VS10.4 Oval J VS20.4 Oval J SI10.4 Oval J SI20.4 Oval J I10.4 Oval J I20.4 Oval J I3
K0.4 Oval K FL0.4 Oval K IF0.4 Oval K VVS10.4 Oval K VVS20.4 Oval K VS10.4 Oval K VS20.4 Oval K SI10.4 Oval K SI20.4 Oval K I10.4 Oval K I20.4 Oval K I3
L0.4 Oval L FL0.4 Oval L IF0.4 Oval L VVS10.4 Oval L VVS20.4 Oval L VS10.4 Oval L VS20.4 Oval L SI10.4 Oval L SI20.4 Oval L I10.4 Oval L I20.4 Oval L I3
M0.4 Oval M FL0.4 Oval M IF0.4 Oval M VVS10.4 Oval M VVS20.4 Oval M VS10.4 Oval M VS20.4 Oval M SI10.4 Oval M SI20.4 Oval M I10.4 Oval M I20.4 Oval M I3
N-Y0.4 Oval N-Y FL0.4 Oval N-Y IF0.4 Oval N-Y VVS10.4 Oval N-Y VVS20.4 Oval N-Y VS10.4 Oval N-Y VS20.4 Oval N-Y SI10.4 Oval N-Y SI20.4 Oval N-Y I10.4 Oval N-Y I20.4 Oval N-Y I3

0.5 - 0.59 carat oval diamond

D0.5 Oval D FL0.5 Oval D IF0.5 Oval D VVS10.5 Oval D VVS20.5 Oval D VS10.5 Oval D VS20.5 Oval D SI10.5 Oval D SI20.5 Oval D I10.5 Oval D I20.5 Oval D I3
E0.5 Oval E FL0.5 Oval E IF0.5 Oval E VVS10.5 Oval E VVS20.5 Oval E VS10.5 Oval E VS20.5 Oval E SI10.5 Oval E SI20.5 Oval E I10.5 Oval E I20.5 Oval E I3
F0.5 Oval F FL0.5 Oval F IF0.5 Oval F VVS10.5 Oval F VVS20.5 Oval F VS10.5 Oval F VS20.5 Oval F SI10.5 Oval F SI20.5 Oval F I10.5 Oval F I20.5 Oval F I3
G0.5 Oval G FL0.5 Oval G IF0.5 Oval G VVS10.5 Oval G VVS20.5 Oval G VS10.5 Oval G VS20.5 Oval G SI10.5 Oval G SI20.5 Oval G I10.5 Oval G I20.5 Oval G I3
H0.5 Oval H FL0.5 Oval H IF0.5 Oval H VVS10.5 Oval H VVS20.5 Oval H VS10.5 Oval H VS20.5 Oval H SI10.5 Oval H SI20.5 Oval H I10.5 Oval H I20.5 Oval H I3
I0.5 Oval I FL0.5 Oval I IF0.5 Oval I VVS10.5 Oval I VVS20.5 Oval I VS10.5 Oval I VS20.5 Oval I SI10.5 Oval I SI20.5 Oval I I10.5 Oval I I20.5 Oval I I3
J0.5 Oval J FL0.5 Oval J IF0.5 Oval J VVS10.5 Oval J VVS20.5 Oval J VS10.5 Oval J VS20.5 Oval J SI10.5 Oval J SI20.5 Oval J I10.5 Oval J I20.5 Oval J I3
K0.5 Oval K FL0.5 Oval K IF0.5 Oval K VVS10.5 Oval K VVS20.5 Oval K VS10.5 Oval K VS20.5 Oval K SI10.5 Oval K SI20.5 Oval K I10.5 Oval K I20.5 Oval K I3
L0.5 Oval L FL0.5 Oval L IF0.5 Oval L VVS10.5 Oval L VVS20.5 Oval L VS10.5 Oval L VS20.5 Oval L SI10.5 Oval L SI20.5 Oval L I10.5 Oval L I20.5 Oval L I3
M0.5 Oval M FL0.5 Oval M IF0.5 Oval M VVS10.5 Oval M VVS20.5 Oval M VS10.5 Oval M VS20.5 Oval M SI10.5 Oval M SI20.5 Oval M I10.5 Oval M I20.5 Oval M I3
N-Y0.5 Oval N-Y FL0.5 Oval N-Y IF0.5 Oval N-Y VVS10.5 Oval N-Y VVS20.5 Oval N-Y VS10.5 Oval N-Y VS20.5 Oval N-Y SI10.5 Oval N-Y SI20.5 Oval N-Y I10.5 Oval N-Y I20.5 Oval N-Y I3

0.6 - 0.69 carat oval diamond

D0.6 Oval D FL0.6 Oval D IF0.6 Oval D VVS10.6 Oval D VVS20.6 Oval D VS10.6 Oval D VS20.6 Oval D SI10.6 Oval D SI20.6 Oval D I10.6 Oval D I20.6 Oval D I3
E0.6 Oval E FL0.6 Oval E IF0.6 Oval E VVS10.6 Oval E VVS20.6 Oval E VS10.6 Oval E VS20.6 Oval E SI10.6 Oval E SI20.6 Oval E I10.6 Oval E I20.6 Oval E I3
F0.6 Oval F FL0.6 Oval F IF0.6 Oval F VVS10.6 Oval F VVS20.6 Oval F VS10.6 Oval F VS20.6 Oval F SI10.6 Oval F SI20.6 Oval F I10.6 Oval F I20.6 Oval F I3
G0.6 Oval G FL0.6 Oval G IF0.6 Oval G VVS10.6 Oval G VVS20.6 Oval G VS10.6 Oval G VS20.6 Oval G SI10.6 Oval G SI20.6 Oval G I10.6 Oval G I20.6 Oval G I3
H0.6 Oval H FL0.6 Oval H IF0.6 Oval H VVS10.6 Oval H VVS20.6 Oval H VS10.6 Oval H VS20.6 Oval H SI10.6 Oval H SI20.6 Oval H I10.6 Oval H I20.6 Oval H I3
I0.6 Oval I FL0.6 Oval I IF0.6 Oval I VVS10.6 Oval I VVS20.6 Oval I VS10.6 Oval I VS20.6 Oval I SI10.6 Oval I SI20.6 Oval I I10.6 Oval I I20.6 Oval I I3
J0.6 Oval J FL0.6 Oval J IF0.6 Oval J VVS10.6 Oval J VVS20.6 Oval J VS10.6 Oval J VS20.6 Oval J SI10.6 Oval J SI20.6 Oval J I10.6 Oval J I20.6 Oval J I3
K0.6 Oval K FL0.6 Oval K IF0.6 Oval K VVS10.6 Oval K VVS20.6 Oval K VS10.6 Oval K VS20.6 Oval K SI10.6 Oval K SI20.6 Oval K I10.6 Oval K I20.6 Oval K I3
L0.6 Oval L FL0.6 Oval L IF0.6 Oval L VVS10.6 Oval L VVS20.6 Oval L VS10.6 Oval L VS20.6 Oval L SI10.6 Oval L SI20.6 Oval L I10.6 Oval L I20.6 Oval L I3
M0.6 Oval M FL0.6 Oval M IF0.6 Oval M VVS10.6 Oval M VVS20.6 Oval M VS10.6 Oval M VS20.6 Oval M SI10.6 Oval M SI20.6 Oval M I10.6 Oval M I20.6 Oval M I3
N-Y0.6 Oval N-Y FL0.6 Oval N-Y IF0.6 Oval N-Y VVS10.6 Oval N-Y VVS20.6 Oval N-Y VS10.6 Oval N-Y VS20.6 Oval N-Y SI10.6 Oval N-Y SI20.6 Oval N-Y I10.6 Oval N-Y I20.6 Oval N-Y I3

0.7 - 0.79 carat oval diamond

D0.7 Oval D FL0.7 Oval D IF0.7 Oval D VVS10.7 Oval D VVS20.7 Oval D VS10.7 Oval D VS20.7 Oval D SI10.7 Oval D SI20.7 Oval D I10.7 Oval D I20.7 Oval D I3
E0.7 Oval E FL0.7 Oval E IF0.7 Oval E VVS10.7 Oval E VVS20.7 Oval E VS10.7 Oval E VS20.7 Oval E SI10.7 Oval E SI20.7 Oval E I10.7 Oval E I20.7 Oval E I3
F0.7 Oval F FL0.7 Oval F IF0.7 Oval F VVS10.7 Oval F VVS20.7 Oval F VS10.7 Oval F VS20.7 Oval F SI10.7 Oval F SI20.7 Oval F I10.7 Oval F I20.7 Oval F I3
G0.7 Oval G FL0.7 Oval G IF0.7 Oval G VVS10.7 Oval G VVS20.7 Oval G VS10.7 Oval G VS20.7 Oval G SI10.7 Oval G SI20.7 Oval G I10.7 Oval G I20.7 Oval G I3
H0.7 Oval H FL0.7 Oval H IF0.7 Oval H VVS10.7 Oval H VVS20.7 Oval H VS10.7 Oval H VS20.7 Oval H SI10.7 Oval H SI20.7 Oval H I10.7 Oval H I20.7 Oval H I3
I0.7 Oval I FL0.7 Oval I IF0.7 Oval I VVS10.7 Oval I VVS20.7 Oval I VS10.7 Oval I VS20.7 Oval I SI10.7 Oval I SI20.7 Oval I I10.7 Oval I I20.7 Oval I I3
J0.7 Oval J FL0.7 Oval J IF0.7 Oval J VVS10.7 Oval J VVS20.7 Oval J VS10.7 Oval J VS20.7 Oval J SI10.7 Oval J SI20.7 Oval J I10.7 Oval J I20.7 Oval J I3
K0.7 Oval K FL0.7 Oval K IF0.7 Oval K VVS10.7 Oval K VVS20.7 Oval K VS10.7 Oval K VS20.7 Oval K SI10.7 Oval K SI20.7 Oval K I10.7 Oval K I20.7 Oval K I3
L0.7 Oval L FL0.7 Oval L IF0.7 Oval L VVS10.7 Oval L VVS20.7 Oval L VS10.7 Oval L VS20.7 Oval L SI10.7 Oval L SI20.7 Oval L I10.7 Oval L I20.7 Oval L I3
M0.7 Oval M FL0.7 Oval M IF0.7 Oval M VVS10.7 Oval M VVS20.7 Oval M VS10.7 Oval M VS20.7 Oval M SI10.7 Oval M SI20.7 Oval M I10.7 Oval M I20.7 Oval M I3
N-Y0.7 Oval N-Y FL0.7 Oval N-Y IF0.7 Oval N-Y VVS10.7 Oval N-Y VVS20.7 Oval N-Y VS10.7 Oval N-Y VS20.7 Oval N-Y SI10.7 Oval N-Y SI20.7 Oval N-Y I10.7 Oval N-Y I20.7 Oval N-Y I3

0.8 - 0.89 carat oval diamond

D0.8 Oval D FL0.8 Oval D IF0.8 Oval D VVS10.8 Oval D VVS20.8 Oval D VS10.8 Oval D VS20.8 Oval D SI10.8 Oval D SI20.8 Oval D I10.8 Oval D I20.8 Oval D I3
E0.8 Oval E FL0.8 Oval E IF0.8 Oval E VVS10.8 Oval E VVS20.8 Oval E VS10.8 Oval E VS20.8 Oval E SI10.8 Oval E SI20.8 Oval E I10.8 Oval E I20.8 Oval E I3
F0.8 Oval F FL0.8 Oval F IF0.8 Oval F VVS10.8 Oval F VVS20.8 Oval F VS10.8 Oval F VS20.8 Oval F SI10.8 Oval F SI20.8 Oval F I10.8 Oval F I20.8 Oval F I3
G0.8 Oval G FL0.8 Oval G IF0.8 Oval G VVS10.8 Oval G VVS20.8 Oval G VS10.8 Oval G VS20.8 Oval G SI10.8 Oval G SI20.8 Oval G I10.8 Oval G I20.8 Oval G I3
H0.8 Oval H FL0.8 Oval H IF0.8 Oval H VVS10.8 Oval H VVS20.8 Oval H VS10.8 Oval H VS20.8 Oval H SI10.8 Oval H SI20.8 Oval H I10.8 Oval H I20.8 Oval H I3
I0.8 Oval I FL0.8 Oval I IF0.8 Oval I VVS10.8 Oval I VVS20.8 Oval I VS10.8 Oval I VS20.8 Oval I SI10.8 Oval I SI20.8 Oval I I10.8 Oval I I20.8 Oval I I3
J0.8 Oval J FL0.8 Oval J IF0.8 Oval J VVS10.8 Oval J VVS20.8 Oval J VS10.8 Oval J VS20.8 Oval J SI10.8 Oval J SI20.8 Oval J I10.8 Oval J I20.8 Oval J I3
K0.8 Oval K FL0.8 Oval K IF0.8 Oval K VVS10.8 Oval K VVS20.8 Oval K VS10.8 Oval K VS20.8 Oval K SI10.8 Oval K SI20.8 Oval K I10.8 Oval K I20.8 Oval K I3
L0.8 Oval L FL0.8 Oval L IF0.8 Oval L VVS10.8 Oval L VVS20.8 Oval L VS10.8 Oval L VS20.8 Oval L SI10.8 Oval L SI20.8 Oval L I10.8 Oval L I20.8 Oval L I3
M0.8 Oval M FL0.8 Oval M IF0.8 Oval M VVS10.8 Oval M VVS20.8 Oval M VS10.8 Oval M VS20.8 Oval M SI10.8 Oval M SI20.8 Oval M I10.8 Oval M I20.8 Oval M I3
N-Y0.8 Oval N-Y FL0.8 Oval N-Y IF0.8 Oval N-Y VVS10.8 Oval N-Y VVS20.8 Oval N-Y VS10.8 Oval N-Y VS20.8 Oval N-Y SI10.8 Oval N-Y SI20.8 Oval N-Y I10.8 Oval N-Y I20.8 Oval N-Y I3

0.9 - 0.99 carat oval diamond

D0.9 Oval D FL0.9 Oval D IF0.9 Oval D VVS10.9 Oval D VVS20.9 Oval D VS10.9 Oval D VS20.9 Oval D SI10.9 Oval D SI20.9 Oval D I10.9 Oval D I20.9 Oval D I3
E0.9 Oval E FL0.9 Oval E IF0.9 Oval E VVS10.9 Oval E VVS20.9 Oval E VS10.9 Oval E VS20.9 Oval E SI10.9 Oval E SI20.9 Oval E I10.9 Oval E I20.9 Oval E I3
F0.9 Oval F FL0.9 Oval F IF0.9 Oval F VVS10.9 Oval F VVS20.9 Oval F VS10.9 Oval F VS20.9 Oval F SI10.9 Oval F SI20.9 Oval F I10.9 Oval F I20.9 Oval F I3
G0.9 Oval G FL0.9 Oval G IF0.9 Oval G VVS10.9 Oval G VVS20.9 Oval G VS10.9 Oval G VS20.9 Oval G SI10.9 Oval G SI20.9 Oval G I10.9 Oval G I20.9 Oval G I3
H0.9 Oval H FL0.9 Oval H IF0.9 Oval H VVS10.9 Oval H VVS20.9 Oval H VS10.9 Oval H VS20.9 Oval H SI10.9 Oval H SI20.9 Oval H I10.9 Oval H I20.9 Oval H I3
I0.9 Oval I FL0.9 Oval I IF0.9 Oval I VVS10.9 Oval I VVS20.9 Oval I VS10.9 Oval I VS20.9 Oval I SI10.9 Oval I SI20.9 Oval I I10.9 Oval I I20.9 Oval I I3
J0.9 Oval J FL0.9 Oval J IF0.9 Oval J VVS10.9 Oval J VVS20.9 Oval J VS10.9 Oval J VS20.9 Oval J SI10.9 Oval J SI20.9 Oval J I10.9 Oval J I20.9 Oval J I3
K0.9 Oval K FL0.9 Oval K IF0.9 Oval K VVS10.9 Oval K VVS20.9 Oval K VS10.9 Oval K VS20.9 Oval K SI10.9 Oval K SI20.9 Oval K I10.9 Oval K I20.9 Oval K I3
L0.9 Oval L FL0.9 Oval L IF0.9 Oval L VVS10.9 Oval L VVS20.9 Oval L VS10.9 Oval L VS20.9 Oval L SI10.9 Oval L SI20.9 Oval L I10.9 Oval L I20.9 Oval L I3
M0.9 Oval M FL0.9 Oval M IF0.9 Oval M VVS10.9 Oval M VVS20.9 Oval M VS10.9 Oval M VS20.9 Oval M SI10.9 Oval M SI20.9 Oval M I10.9 Oval M I20.9 Oval M I3
N-Y0.9 Oval N-Y FL0.9 Oval N-Y IF0.9 Oval N-Y VVS10.9 Oval N-Y VVS20.9 Oval N-Y VS10.9 Oval N-Y VS20.9 Oval N-Y SI10.9 Oval N-Y SI20.9 Oval N-Y I10.9 Oval N-Y I20.9 Oval N-Y I3

1 - 1.09 carat oval diamond

1.1 - 1.19 carat oval diamond

D1.1 Oval D FL1.1 Oval D IF1.1 Oval D VVS11.1 Oval D VVS21.1 Oval D VS11.1 Oval D VS21.1 Oval D SI11.1 Oval D SI21.1 Oval D I11.1 Oval D I21.1 Oval D I3
E1.1 Oval E FL1.1 Oval E IF1.1 Oval E VVS11.1 Oval E VVS21.1 Oval E VS11.1 Oval E VS21.1 Oval E SI11.1 Oval E SI21.1 Oval E I11.1 Oval E I21.1 Oval E I3
F1.1 Oval F FL1.1 Oval F IF1.1 Oval F VVS11.1 Oval F VVS21.1 Oval F VS11.1 Oval F VS21.1 Oval F SI11.1 Oval F SI21.1 Oval F I11.1 Oval F I21.1 Oval F I3
G1.1 Oval G FL1.1 Oval G IF1.1 Oval G VVS11.1 Oval G VVS21.1 Oval G VS11.1 Oval G VS21.1 Oval G SI11.1 Oval G SI21.1 Oval G I11.1 Oval G I21.1 Oval G I3
H1.1 Oval H FL1.1 Oval H IF1.1 Oval H VVS11.1 Oval H VVS21.1 Oval H VS11.1 Oval H VS21.1 Oval H SI11.1 Oval H SI21.1 Oval H I11.1 Oval H I21.1 Oval H I3
I1.1 Oval I FL1.1 Oval I IF1.1 Oval I VVS11.1 Oval I VVS21.1 Oval I VS11.1 Oval I VS21.1 Oval I SI11.1 Oval I SI21.1 Oval I I11.1 Oval I I21.1 Oval I I3
J1.1 Oval J FL1.1 Oval J IF1.1 Oval J VVS11.1 Oval J VVS21.1 Oval J VS11.1 Oval J VS21.1 Oval J SI11.1 Oval J SI21.1 Oval J I11.1 Oval J I21.1 Oval J I3
K1.1 Oval K FL1.1 Oval K IF1.1 Oval K VVS11.1 Oval K VVS21.1 Oval K VS11.1 Oval K VS21.1 Oval K SI11.1 Oval K SI21.1 Oval K I11.1 Oval K I21.1 Oval K I3
L1.1 Oval L FL1.1 Oval L IF1.1 Oval L VVS11.1 Oval L VVS21.1 Oval L VS11.1 Oval L VS21.1 Oval L SI11.1 Oval L SI21.1 Oval L I11.1 Oval L I21.1 Oval L I3
M1.1 Oval M FL1.1 Oval M IF1.1 Oval M VVS11.1 Oval M VVS21.1 Oval M VS11.1 Oval M VS21.1 Oval M SI11.1 Oval M SI21.1 Oval M I11.1 Oval M I21.1 Oval M I3
N-Y1.1 Oval N-Y FL1.1 Oval N-Y IF1.1 Oval N-Y VVS11.1 Oval N-Y VVS21.1 Oval N-Y VS11.1 Oval N-Y VS21.1 Oval N-Y SI11.1 Oval N-Y SI21.1 Oval N-Y I11.1 Oval N-Y I21.1 Oval N-Y I3

1.2 - 1.49 carat oval diamond

D1.2 Oval D FL1.2 Oval D IF1.2 Oval D VVS11.2 Oval D VVS21.2 Oval D VS11.2 Oval D VS21.2 Oval D SI11.2 Oval D SI21.2 Oval D I11.2 Oval D I21.2 Oval D I3
E1.2 Oval E FL1.2 Oval E IF1.2 Oval E VVS11.2 Oval E VVS21.2 Oval E VS11.2 Oval E VS21.2 Oval E SI11.2 Oval E SI21.2 Oval E I11.2 Oval E I21.2 Oval E I3
F1.2 Oval F FL1.2 Oval F IF1.2 Oval F VVS11.2 Oval F VVS21.2 Oval F VS11.2 Oval F VS21.2 Oval F SI11.2 Oval F SI21.2 Oval F I11.2 Oval F I21.2 Oval F I3
G1.2 Oval G FL1.2 Oval G IF1.2 Oval G VVS11.2 Oval G VVS21.2 Oval G VS11.2 Oval G VS21.2 Oval G SI11.2 Oval G SI21.2 Oval G I11.2 Oval G I21.2 Oval G I3
H1.2 Oval H FL1.2 Oval H IF1.2 Oval H VVS11.2 Oval H VVS21.2 Oval H VS11.2 Oval H VS21.2 Oval H SI11.2 Oval H SI21.2 Oval H I11.2 Oval H I21.2 Oval H I3
I1.2 Oval I FL1.2 Oval I IF1.2 Oval I VVS11.2 Oval I VVS21.2 Oval I VS11.2 Oval I VS21.2 Oval I SI11.2 Oval I SI21.2 Oval I I11.2 Oval I I21.2 Oval I I3
J1.2 Oval J FL1.2 Oval J IF1.2 Oval J VVS11.2 Oval J VVS21.2 Oval J VS11.2 Oval J VS21.2 Oval J SI11.2 Oval J SI21.2 Oval J I11.2 Oval J I21.2 Oval J I3
K1.2 Oval K FL1.2 Oval K IF1.2 Oval K VVS11.2 Oval K VVS21.2 Oval K VS11.2 Oval K VS21.2 Oval K SI11.2 Oval K SI21.2 Oval K I11.2 Oval K I21.2 Oval K I3
L1.2 Oval L FL1.2 Oval L IF1.2 Oval L VVS11.2 Oval L VVS21.2 Oval L VS11.2 Oval L VS21.2 Oval L SI11.2 Oval L SI21.2 Oval L I11.2 Oval L I21.2 Oval L I3
M1.2 Oval M FL1.2 Oval M IF1.2 Oval M VVS11.2 Oval M VVS21.2 Oval M VS11.2 Oval M VS21.2 Oval M SI11.2 Oval M SI21.2 Oval M I11.2 Oval M I21.2 Oval M I3
N-Y1.2 Oval N-Y FL1.2 Oval N-Y IF1.2 Oval N-Y VVS11.2 Oval N-Y VVS21.2 Oval N-Y VS11.2 Oval N-Y VS21.2 Oval N-Y SI11.2 Oval N-Y SI21.2 Oval N-Y I11.2 Oval N-Y I21.2 Oval N-Y I3

1.5 - 1.99 carat oval diamond

D1.5 Oval D FL1.5 Oval D IF1.5 Oval D VVS11.5 Oval D VVS21.5 Oval D VS11.5 Oval D VS21.5 Oval D SI11.5 Oval D SI21.5 Oval D I11.5 Oval D I21.5 Oval D I3
E1.5 Oval E FL1.5 Oval E IF1.5 Oval E VVS11.5 Oval E VVS21.5 Oval E VS11.5 Oval E VS21.5 Oval E SI11.5 Oval E SI21.5 Oval E I11.5 Oval E I21.5 Oval E I3
F1.5 Oval F FL1.5 Oval F IF1.5 Oval F VVS11.5 Oval F VVS21.5 Oval F VS11.5 Oval F VS21.5 Oval F SI11.5 Oval F SI21.5 Oval F I11.5 Oval F I21.5 Oval F I3
G1.5 Oval G FL1.5 Oval G IF1.5 Oval G VVS11.5 Oval G VVS21.5 Oval G VS11.5 Oval G VS21.5 Oval G SI11.5 Oval G SI21.5 Oval G I11.5 Oval G I21.5 Oval G I3
H1.5 Oval H FL1.5 Oval H IF1.5 Oval H VVS11.5 Oval H VVS21.5 Oval H VS11.5 Oval H VS21.5 Oval H SI11.5 Oval H SI21.5 Oval H I11.5 Oval H I21.5 Oval H I3
I1.5 Oval I FL1.5 Oval I IF1.5 Oval I VVS11.5 Oval I VVS21.5 Oval I VS11.5 Oval I VS21.5 Oval I SI11.5 Oval I SI21.5 Oval I I11.5 Oval I I21.5 Oval I I3
J1.5 Oval J FL1.5 Oval J IF1.5 Oval J VVS11.5 Oval J VVS21.5 Oval J VS11.5 Oval J VS21.5 Oval J SI11.5 Oval J SI21.5 Oval J I11.5 Oval J I21.5 Oval J I3
K1.5 Oval K FL1.5 Oval K IF1.5 Oval K VVS11.5 Oval K VVS21.5 Oval K VS11.5 Oval K VS21.5 Oval K SI11.5 Oval K SI21.5 Oval K I11.5 Oval K I21.5 Oval K I3
L1.5 Oval L FL1.5 Oval L IF1.5 Oval L VVS11.5 Oval L VVS21.5 Oval L VS11.5 Oval L VS21.5 Oval L SI11.5 Oval L SI21.5 Oval L I11.5 Oval L I21.5 Oval L I3
M1.5 Oval M FL1.5 Oval M IF1.5 Oval M VVS11.5 Oval M VVS21.5 Oval M VS11.5 Oval M VS21.5 Oval M SI11.5 Oval M SI21.5 Oval M I11.5 Oval M I21.5 Oval M I3
N-Y1.5 Oval N-Y FL1.5 Oval N-Y IF1.5 Oval N-Y VVS11.5 Oval N-Y VVS21.5 Oval N-Y VS11.5 Oval N-Y VS21.5 Oval N-Y SI11.5 Oval N-Y SI21.5 Oval N-Y I11.5 Oval N-Y I21.5 Oval N-Y I3

2 - 2.49 carat oval diamond

2.5 - 2.99 carat oval diamond

D2.5 Oval D FL2.5 Oval D IF2.5 Oval D VVS12.5 Oval D VVS22.5 Oval D VS12.5 Oval D VS22.5 Oval D SI12.5 Oval D SI22.5 Oval D I12.5 Oval D I22.5 Oval D I3
E2.5 Oval E FL2.5 Oval E IF2.5 Oval E VVS12.5 Oval E VVS22.5 Oval E VS12.5 Oval E VS22.5 Oval E SI12.5 Oval E SI22.5 Oval E I12.5 Oval E I22.5 Oval E I3
F2.5 Oval F FL2.5 Oval F IF2.5 Oval F VVS12.5 Oval F VVS22.5 Oval F VS12.5 Oval F VS22.5 Oval F SI12.5 Oval F SI22.5 Oval F I12.5 Oval F I22.5 Oval F I3
G2.5 Oval G FL2.5 Oval G IF2.5 Oval G VVS12.5 Oval G VVS22.5 Oval G VS12.5 Oval G VS22.5 Oval G SI12.5 Oval G SI22.5 Oval G I12.5 Oval G I22.5 Oval G I3
H2.5 Oval H FL2.5 Oval H IF2.5 Oval H VVS12.5 Oval H VVS22.5 Oval H VS12.5 Oval H VS22.5 Oval H SI12.5 Oval H SI22.5 Oval H I12.5 Oval H I22.5 Oval H I3
I2.5 Oval I FL2.5 Oval I IF2.5 Oval I VVS12.5 Oval I VVS22.5 Oval I VS12.5 Oval I VS22.5 Oval I SI12.5 Oval I SI22.5 Oval I I12.5 Oval I I22.5 Oval I I3
J2.5 Oval J FL2.5 Oval J IF2.5 Oval J VVS12.5 Oval J VVS22.5 Oval J VS12.5 Oval J VS22.5 Oval J SI12.5 Oval J SI22.5 Oval J I12.5 Oval J I22.5 Oval J I3
K2.5 Oval K FL2.5 Oval K IF2.5 Oval K VVS12.5 Oval K VVS22.5 Oval K VS12.5 Oval K VS22.5 Oval K SI12.5 Oval K SI22.5 Oval K I12.5 Oval K I22.5 Oval K I3
L2.5 Oval L FL2.5 Oval L IF2.5 Oval L VVS12.5 Oval L VVS22.5 Oval L VS12.5 Oval L VS22.5 Oval L SI12.5 Oval L SI22.5 Oval L I12.5 Oval L I22.5 Oval L I3
M2.5 Oval M FL2.5 Oval M IF2.5 Oval M VVS12.5 Oval M VVS22.5 Oval M VS12.5 Oval M VS22.5 Oval M SI12.5 Oval M SI22.5 Oval M I12.5 Oval M I22.5 Oval M I3
N-Y2.5 Oval N-Y FL2.5 Oval N-Y IF2.5 Oval N-Y VVS12.5 Oval N-Y VVS22.5 Oval N-Y VS12.5 Oval N-Y VS22.5 Oval N-Y SI12.5 Oval N-Y SI22.5 Oval N-Y I12.5 Oval N-Y I22.5 Oval N-Y I3

3 - 3.99 carat oval diamond

4 - 4.99 carat oval diamond

D4 Oval D FL4 Oval D IF4 Oval D VVS14 Oval D VVS24 Oval D VS14 Oval D VS24 Oval D SI14 Oval D SI24 Oval D I14 Oval D I24 Oval D I3
E4 Oval E FL4 Oval E IF4 Oval E VVS14 Oval E VVS24 Oval E VS14 Oval E VS24 Oval E SI14 Oval E SI24 Oval E I14 Oval E I24 Oval E I3
F4 Oval F FL4 Oval F IF4 Oval F VVS14 Oval F VVS24 Oval F VS14 Oval F VS24 Oval F SI14 Oval F SI24 Oval F I14 Oval F I24 Oval F I3
G4 Oval G FL4 Oval G IF4 Oval G VVS14 Oval G VVS24 Oval G VS14 Oval G VS24 Oval G SI14 Oval G SI24 Oval G I14 Oval G I24 Oval G I3
H4 Oval H FL4 Oval H IF4 Oval H VVS14 Oval H VVS24 Oval H VS14 Oval H VS24 Oval H SI14 Oval H SI24 Oval H I14 Oval H I24 Oval H I3
I4 Oval I FL4 Oval I IF4 Oval I VVS14 Oval I VVS24 Oval I VS14 Oval I VS24 Oval I SI14 Oval I SI24 Oval I I14 Oval I I24 Oval I I3
J4 Oval J FL4 Oval J IF4 Oval J VVS14 Oval J VVS24 Oval J VS14 Oval J VS24 Oval J SI14 Oval J SI24 Oval J I14 Oval J I24 Oval J I3
K4 Oval K FL4 Oval K IF4 Oval K VVS14 Oval K VVS24 Oval K VS14 Oval K VS24 Oval K SI14 Oval K SI24 Oval K I14 Oval K I24 Oval K I3
L4 Oval L FL4 Oval L IF4 Oval L VVS14 Oval L VVS24 Oval L VS14 Oval L VS24 Oval L SI14 Oval L SI24 Oval L I14 Oval L I24 Oval L I3
M4 Oval M FL4 Oval M IF4 Oval M VVS14 Oval M VVS24 Oval M VS14 Oval M VS24 Oval M SI14 Oval M SI24 Oval M I14 Oval M I24 Oval M I3
N-Y4 Oval N-Y FL4 Oval N-Y IF4 Oval N-Y VVS14 Oval N-Y VVS24 Oval N-Y VS14 Oval N-Y VS24 Oval N-Y SI14 Oval N-Y SI24 Oval N-Y I14 Oval N-Y I24 Oval N-Y I3

5 - 5.99 carat oval diamond

D5 Oval D FL5 Oval D IF5 Oval D VVS15 Oval D VVS25 Oval D VS15 Oval D VS25 Oval D SI15 Oval D SI25 Oval D I15 Oval D I25 Oval D I3
E5 Oval E FL5 Oval E IF5 Oval E VVS15 Oval E VVS25 Oval E VS15 Oval E VS25 Oval E SI15 Oval E SI25 Oval E I15 Oval E I25 Oval E I3
F5 Oval F FL5 Oval F IF5 Oval F VVS15 Oval F VVS25 Oval F VS15 Oval F VS25 Oval F SI15 Oval F SI25 Oval F I15 Oval F I25 Oval F I3
G5 Oval G FL5 Oval G IF5 Oval G VVS15 Oval G VVS25 Oval G VS15 Oval G VS25 Oval G SI15 Oval G SI25 Oval G I15 Oval G I25 Oval G I3
H5 Oval H FL5 Oval H IF5 Oval H VVS15 Oval H VVS25 Oval H VS15 Oval H VS25 Oval H SI15 Oval H SI25 Oval H I15 Oval H I25 Oval H I3
I5 Oval I FL5 Oval I IF5 Oval I VVS15 Oval I VVS25 Oval I VS15 Oval I VS25 Oval I SI15 Oval I SI25 Oval I I15 Oval I I25 Oval I I3
J5 Oval J FL5 Oval J IF5 Oval J VVS15 Oval J VVS25 Oval J VS15 Oval J VS25 Oval J SI15 Oval J SI25 Oval J I15 Oval J I25 Oval J I3
K5 Oval K FL5 Oval K IF5 Oval K VVS15 Oval K VVS25 Oval K VS15 Oval K VS25 Oval K SI15 Oval K SI25 Oval K I15 Oval K I25 Oval K I3
L5 Oval L FL5 Oval L IF5 Oval L VVS15 Oval L VVS25 Oval L VS15 Oval L VS25 Oval L SI15 Oval L SI25 Oval L I15 Oval L I25 Oval L I3
M5 Oval M FL5 Oval M IF5 Oval M VVS15 Oval M VVS25 Oval M VS15 Oval M VS25 Oval M SI15 Oval M SI25 Oval M I15 Oval M I25 Oval M I3
N-Y5 Oval N-Y FL5 Oval N-Y IF5 Oval N-Y VVS15 Oval N-Y VVS25 Oval N-Y VS15 Oval N-Y VS25 Oval N-Y SI15 Oval N-Y SI25 Oval N-Y I15 Oval N-Y I25 Oval N-Y I3

6 - 9.99 carat oval diamond

D6 Oval D FL6 Oval D IF6 Oval D VVS16 Oval D VVS26 Oval D VS16 Oval D VS26 Oval D SI16 Oval D SI26 Oval D I16 Oval D I26 Oval D I3
E6 Oval E FL6 Oval E IF6 Oval E VVS16 Oval E VVS26 Oval E VS16 Oval E VS26 Oval E SI16 Oval E SI26 Oval E I16 Oval E I26 Oval E I3
F6 Oval F FL6 Oval F IF6 Oval F VVS16 Oval F VVS26 Oval F VS16 Oval F VS26 Oval F SI16 Oval F SI26 Oval F I16 Oval F I26 Oval F I3
G6 Oval G FL6 Oval G IF6 Oval G VVS16 Oval G VVS26 Oval G VS16 Oval G VS26 Oval G SI16 Oval G SI26 Oval G I16 Oval G I26 Oval G I3
H6 Oval H FL6 Oval H IF6 Oval H VVS16 Oval H VVS26 Oval H VS16 Oval H VS26 Oval H SI16 Oval H SI26 Oval H I16 Oval H I26 Oval H I3
I6 Oval I FL6 Oval I IF6 Oval I VVS16 Oval I VVS26 Oval I VS16 Oval I VS26 Oval I SI16 Oval I SI26 Oval I I16 Oval I I26 Oval I I3
J6 Oval J FL6 Oval J IF6 Oval J VVS16 Oval J VVS26 Oval J VS16 Oval J VS26 Oval J SI16 Oval J SI26 Oval J I16 Oval J I26 Oval J I3
K6 Oval K FL6 Oval K IF6 Oval K VVS16 Oval K VVS26 Oval K VS16 Oval K VS26 Oval K SI16 Oval K SI26 Oval K I16 Oval K I26 Oval K I3
L6 Oval L FL6 Oval L IF6 Oval L VVS16 Oval L VVS26 Oval L VS16 Oval L VS26 Oval L SI16 Oval L SI26 Oval L I16 Oval L I26 Oval L I3
M6 Oval M FL6 Oval M IF6 Oval M VVS16 Oval M VVS26 Oval M VS16 Oval M VS26 Oval M SI16 Oval M SI26 Oval M I16 Oval M I26 Oval M I3
N-Y6 Oval N-Y FL6 Oval N-Y IF6 Oval N-Y VVS16 Oval N-Y VVS26 Oval N-Y VS16 Oval N-Y VS26 Oval N-Y SI16 Oval N-Y SI26 Oval N-Y I16 Oval N-Y I26 Oval N-Y I3

10 plus carat oval diamond

D10 Oval D FL10 Oval D IF10 Oval D VVS110 Oval D VVS210 Oval D VS110 Oval D VS210 Oval D SI110 Oval D SI210 Oval D I110 Oval D I210 Oval D I3
E10 Oval E FL10 Oval E IF10 Oval E VVS110 Oval E VVS210 Oval E VS110 Oval E VS210 Oval E SI110 Oval E SI210 Oval E I110 Oval E I210 Oval E I3
F10 Oval F FL10 Oval F IF10 Oval F VVS110 Oval F VVS210 Oval F VS110 Oval F VS210 Oval F SI110 Oval F SI210 Oval F I110 Oval F I210 Oval F I3
G10 Oval G FL10 Oval G IF10 Oval G VVS110 Oval G VVS210 Oval G VS110 Oval G VS210 Oval G SI110 Oval G SI210 Oval G I110 Oval G I210 Oval G I3
H10 Oval H FL10 Oval H IF10 Oval H VVS110 Oval H VVS210 Oval H VS110 Oval H VS210 Oval H SI110 Oval H SI210 Oval H I110 Oval H I210 Oval H I3
I10 Oval I FL10 Oval I IF10 Oval I VVS110 Oval I VVS210 Oval I VS110 Oval I VS210 Oval I SI110 Oval I SI210 Oval I I110 Oval I I210 Oval I I3
J10 Oval J FL10 Oval J IF10 Oval J VVS110 Oval J VVS210 Oval J VS110 Oval J VS210 Oval J SI110 Oval J SI210 Oval J I110 Oval J I210 Oval J I3
K10 Oval K FL10 Oval K IF10 Oval K VVS110 Oval K VVS210 Oval K VS110 Oval K VS210 Oval K SI110 Oval K SI210 Oval K I110 Oval K I210 Oval K I3
L10 Oval L FL10 Oval L IF10 Oval L VVS110 Oval L VVS210 Oval L VS110 Oval L VS210 Oval L SI110 Oval L SI210 Oval L I110 Oval L I210 Oval L I3
M10 Oval M FL10 Oval M IF10 Oval M VVS110 Oval M VVS210 Oval M VS110 Oval M VS210 Oval M SI110 Oval M SI210 Oval M I110 Oval M I210 Oval M I3
N-Y10 Oval N-Y FL10 Oval N-Y IF10 Oval N-Y VVS110 Oval N-Y VVS210 Oval N-Y VS110 Oval N-Y VS210 Oval N-Y SI110 Oval N-Y SI210 Oval N-Y I110 Oval N-Y I210 Oval N-Y I3

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