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How to Tell if He’s About to Pop the Question

by Willyou.net * Feb 11, 2021 * in Proposal Tips for Him and Her
3 signs he's ready to propose

After you’ve been in a relationship for some time, you might start to ask yourself if your partner is ‘the one’. The second you get that thought into your head, it’s hard to see anything else. You might start to feel pressured to have your fingers perfectly manicured at all times in case he might get down on one knee and present you with a sparkling diamond engagement ring from any one of America’s fine jewelry stores. Here are some things to notice that might give away his plan to pop the question:

Engagement Giveaways:

He starts asking a bunch of questions

Every man dreams of making his proposal extra special by thinking of a unique way of doing it. Once he starts bombarding you with questions out of left field about your favorite song or dream vacation spot, get ready! He’s asking you in order to gather as much information as possible so that he can orchestrate a perfect engagement moment. There’s a lot of pressure for proposals to be just right since they’re stories we tell and retell time and time again. He might not be the smoothest, but he’s trying his best, so be cool and play along. Your ring might be on its way.

He’s suddenly more romantic than usual

Have you received a bouquet of flowers on a casual Wednesday just ‘because’? Been given delicious Belgian chocolates for no other reason than ‘you’re as sweet as they are’? Has your man suddenly become a poet and written you a love letter left on your bedside table? He may be doing one of two things: gauging or prepping the audience (that’s you!), or unconsciously showing his hand of cards. He could be testing the waters to see how you react to these smaller gestures of love in order to figure out what or how big his proposal moment needs to be. Or, he could be collecting so many romantic ideas for his proposal that, without noticing, he’s leaking his love secrets before the big day. Either way, enjoy it!

He talks about his attributes more often

Yes, it’s 2021. However, men still want to be providers for their partners and a potential future family. If your man starts mentioning a work bonus or that a job promotion is up for grabs at the office, listen. If he starts talking about houses he’s been looking at or brings up how he’s taken a sudden interest in the stock market, take note. Don’t try and compete with him… you’ll have years to do that. Instead, acknowledge his success, his ambition, and his capabilities. This will do wonders for his ego and might get him down on one knee a touch sooner! It’s also just a nice way to show him your love, support, and appreciation. …Now about that ring…?