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Why He Hasn’t Done It Yet

by Willyou.net * Feb 11, 2021 * in Proposal Tips for Him and Her
5 Surprising Reasons Your Guy Hasn't Proposed...Yet

When in a long-term, committed relationship, after already having talked about a future together, many women end up reaching a certain point where they find themselves waiting for their partners to pop the question. Every time he bends down, you brace yourself for the big moment, only to realize the only knot getting tied is the one on his shoe. The whole “fear of commitment” thing could definitely be the reason for the hold-up, but here are some other, more specific reasons he might be waiting to search for “jewelry shops near me” and present you with a diamond engagement ring.

Why He’s Waiting:

Daddy Doubts

Although the idea of marriage doesn’t scare him, he might be a little unsure of whether or not he’s ready or will ever want children. He may not realize it, but the indecision regarding having kids could be the reason he hasn’t given you a ring.

Job in Jeopardy

What might be holding him back from asking for your hand in marriage is his career. Now, that’s not to say that this will always be a problem. Perhaps he simply wants to have his finances in order to ensure that he can provide for you and your future family. The thing is, nobody ever feels like they have enough when it comes to money. You shouldn’t wait forever for him to feel financially ‘secure’ but it’s totally acceptable to hold off until feels more stable in his career. Give yourself a timeline and definitely talk about it.

The F Word

You and your man might be a match made in heaven, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to spend FOREVER with you. The idea of sealing the deal and sharing the rest of your life with someone is nothing to scoff at. He could be madly in love with you but hesitant to agree to the whole ’til death do us part’ thing. Ultimately, you want to be with someone who is ready to dive in with you, so don’t push him. He’ll jump when he’s ready and see that the water’s fine!

Sacrificial Man

There is a running joke that we often hear men tell each other having to do with marriage being the killer of hopes and dreams. Your man may have overheard this theme over the years and he might have an underlying fear of its truth. It’s your job to show him that being together, before or after marriage, is about building a foundation for growth. Show him you support his goals and are excited to build new ones together. Getting married doesn’t mean getting boring or complacent. It’s a union of two people who love and support each other, wanting to further mutual goals and encourage separate dreams.

Wedding Worries

You might not have anything to do with his ring reservations. Weddings can be incredibly expensive and the thought of spending such a huge amount of money on a single celebratory event might really turn him off. Since there are so many logistical decisions that go into planning a wedding, he might not be able to see the bigger picture, which is the coming together of friends and family to celebrate a commitment of a future together. In this case, the ring might be the least of your worries. Focus on your future together and make sure he understands that he’s the important thing to you.