Five Bad Proposal Ideas

by * Feb 11, 2021
Top 5 Worst Proposal Ideas

If you’re considering tying the knot, you’d better think long and hard about your proposal idea. Maybe even run it by a close friend. staff members all agree that playful or funny proposals are incredible, but the truth is, we all have different senses of humor. There are certain lines you don’t want to cross, especially when presenting someone with a diamond engagement ring. Be sure your proposal is based on love. You’re not on Punk’d or any other prank show. You’re proposing. You can find the best stores to buy an engagement ring on but as for proposals, well, the ball is in your court. Here’s a list of 5 proposal ideas you can throw in the trash:

1. Log onto her Facebook page like the sneaky hacker you’ve always dreamed of being, and secretly change her relationship status to “Engaged”. Wait for her reaction when her phone starts blowing up with notifications, texts, and phone calls. Congrats! You suck.

2. Mention that your mother has been pressuring you to provide her with grandkids but you’d like to make it official before you get started. Add that Jon Snow is the only bastard you want in your life.

3. Head to a second hand store and buy a huge, puffy, white wedding dress. When she arrives home from work, put it on and start prancing around the house like a crazy person. When she asks you what you’re doing, tell her you’re doing an impression of what she’ll be like after you propose.

4. Buy her a cheesy, cheap, plastic engagement ring from a kids’ jewelry store. Profess your undying love for her and ask her if she’ll marry you. Once she says yes, open the box and present her with her ‘dream ring’. Tell her you’re saving for something a little nicer, maybe in the 20 dollar range.

5. After about two weeks of dating, take her out for pizza and ask her for a huge favor. Explain how you’re still madly in love with your ex and that you need to make her jealous. Tell her she’s the perfect girl to do this with because of how hot she is. Girls love that.