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Three Diamond Engagement Options

by Willyou.net * Feb 11, 2021
 three proposal ideas

With so many choices while looking for the best place to buy an engagement ring, you might have intense decision fatigue by the time you start thinking about your actual proposal. It’s for that exact reason why people like former President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and the late Steve Jobs wore versions of the same outfit every day. The reason being ‘decision fatigue’, that is. The more options you expose yourself to, the more your brain has to work. So lessen that work and just think about your sweetheart to figure out how she’d like to be proposed to. See? Easy, right?!

If you’re still stuck, consider these three proposal stories. You don’t have to copy exactly what they did, but these quirky proposals could spark something in you and remind you that humor is always a sure bet. If you’re interested in possibly having an engagement that’s a little out of the ordinary, think about these ideas…

Quirky Proposal Ideas

Paddle in the Park

For this idea to work, you need to find yourself a beautiful park with a bridge over a river. It’s important to make sure that you can get a canoe or small boat in this body of water without incurring any city fines. Your lady will be accompanied by one of her friends on a casual stroll in the park. Just as the two of them start crossing the bridge, the friend will feign having to race to the nearest bathroom, and tell your gal to wait there.

Then, not-so-coincidentally, a three piece band will set up close-by and play your woman’s favorite song, or better yet, one that means something to the both of you. This will keep her attention and give you a little buffer time. At that moment, you’ll paddle up to the bridge and, wouldn’t you know it, you’ll be almost directly below her for a perfect Romeo and Juliet moment. Present your diamond engagement ring but make sure it stays in the boat!

Plane and Simple

For this proposal, you’ll have to talk to the flight attendants on whatever airline you’re flying with and arrange a sneaky little skit to take place. An hour before landing, the flight attendant will get on the loudspeaker and announce that the airline has entered all the passengers into a ‘Hawaiian Honeymoon’ contest and the lucky winners are… at which point she’ll call out your specific seats.

When the attendant comes over to congratulate you she’ll confirm that the two of you are married to grant you the prize. You’ll awkwardly correct her and say that you’re not. She’ll insist that the only way she can give you both your vacation is if you have a wedding ring. You’ll then ask her if you can just borrow hers and call it a day? She’ll scoff and say, “Get your own ring!”. You’ll calmly reply, “Alright…” and pull out your stunning diamond engagement ring. I’m sure they won’t mind if you get down on one knee in the aisle, even if the seatbelt signs are still turned on!

Chicken Dance

This proposal is specifically for teachers. Your partner’s school is having a talent show. Without her knowing, you’ll arrange to be the filler act between each of the students’ presentations. Here’s the catch: you’ll be in a full chicken costume, chicken head included. You’ll do the chicken dance, incorporate laying or frying eggs, or even crossing a road. You decide. Get creative. Do ‘eggsactly’ what you want to do. (…Sorry.)

The best part is that for your last little skit, you’ll have the help of pre-made signs and signal to the students in the audience that they’ll read each one aloud. Write whatever you want but make sure your last sign asks the big question: Will You Marry Me?

Undoubtedly, everyone, including your bride-to-be, will be confused. It will all make sense the second you take off your headpiece and reveal your true identity. (Sort of like Batman, but way cooler). Motion for her to come to the stage so she can run up and join you. It will be one for the books, in and out of the classroom!

Bottom Line…

Get creative with your sparkling diamond engagements and don’t shy away from funny. Funny is good. You want something memorable so that she’ll not only remember it for the rest of her life but will get a kick out of telling it. Log onto Willyou.net to find and create her dream ring and let these quirky proposal ideas inspire you for your big moment.