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Prompts for him to Pick the Perfect Piece

by Willyou.net * Feb 11, 2021 * in With This Ring
how to get him to pick out the perfect

Try as they might, guys aren’t always the best at picking up what we’re putting down. We could feel like we’re giving the most obvious hints about birthday gifts or restaurant ideas and somehow, they fall flat. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how do we find ways to communicate with the martians??

If you’re worried that your man, sweet as he is, might not happen upon Willyou.net’s website and find a local jeweler, there are other ways for you to ensure that he still proposes with the ring of your dreams. We’ve compiled some sneaky tips and tricks to get him on your page and best of all, he’ll think it was his idea!

Step 1

Make sure your mom, sister, and best female friends all are in the know about your favorite ring styles. We’re talking pictures, websites, screenshots, all of it. He, himself, might not know what to get you, but he sure knows who does – your girls! He’ll be happy to get some direction from the gals who know you best.

Step 2

Be sure to be overly communicative about your preferences when looking at other people’s rings. For example, if you’re flipping through a trashy magazine next to him on a lazy Saturday or scrolling through Instagram, exaggerate your reaction when looking at celebrity engagement rings or those of people in your social media circles. Be really clear with comments like, “Oh, I’d never wear that diamond shape” and you’ll be surprised how quickly he’ll chime in and prompt you with some more questions.

Step 3

Write an email to a girlfriend who is about to be engaged, letting her know beforehand that you’re going to do this. Attach a photo of your dream ring and clearly write something like “If I were about to be proposed to, I’d be wishing for a ring just like this!”. Now, all you need to do is leave your computer open so that your partner will see it. He’ll be too busy feeling like a 007 agent to even consider that this was all planned.

Step 4

Pop into a jewelry store next time you’re strolling through the mall. It seems awkward but really, you could just be wanting to take a peak at diamond earrings. Jewelers and jewelry store sales people are really good at what they do. Leave it to them, they’ve got it under control. By the end of your visit, he’ll have a pretty good idea of what you like and what you don’t.