Best Place to Propose in Tulsa, OK

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Best Place to Propose in Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK

There are multiple diamond engagement ring stores in Tulsa, OK, in which any couple can be sure to find their dream diamond engagement ring.

So, you’ve finally decided to tie the knot. Fantastic! Now what? Well, you’ll definitely want to start familiarizing yourself with diamond engagement rings and all the different choices you’ll have to make. You can look through magazines, pop into a local diamond jewelry store, and of course, start clicking away online. Now, the internet is a wonderful thing and can be used as a helpful resource when beginning on your diamond engagement ring quest. However, you should avoid shopping for a ring solely online at all costs. Shopping online will simply never provide you with the security you’ll need before making such a large investment. 

The only way to guarantee you get your money’s worth when purchasing a diamond engagement ring is by working with a local diamond jeweler in Tulsa, OK. Their years of extensive training and in-depth experience make them qualified to give you the professional advice you’ll surely be wanting before you sign on the dotted line. You can ask them specific questions that will help you make a diamond decision, whether you’re having your ring custom-made or not. Seeing and feeling your ring in person along with working alongside a local jeweler, in store, is essential for your diamond engagement ring purchase.

Local jewelers can also come in handy when trying to think of a romantic spot to propose at and an inventive way to pop the question. After having worked with so many couples over the years, professional diamond jewelers can benefit you not only with their diamond expertise but also, with their engagement related advice. Ask your local jeweler in Tulsa, OK, for some romantic proposal location ideas. Until then, here are some options:

What is the Best Place to Propose in Tulsa, OK?

1. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Best Place to Propose in Tulsa, OK
Tulsa Performing Arts Center in Tulsa, OK

For the perfect proposal setting head to Tulsa Performing Arts Center, 110 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74103, USA, for an enjoyable evening of live entertainment.

Watching a live performance, whether it’s your favorite band or a play you’ve never seen is a great way to connect to your partner. When a group of people experience the same thing at the same time, whatever anyone is feeling is immediately heightened and the whole room is left with similar sensations and emotions. The difference between watching something at home on Netflix and seeing something live with hundreds other people is enormous. The more the merrier, for the moments before your diamond ring-reveal.

Also, music and theater, in general, evoke emotion and memory in their listening audience, so you can be sure your partner will be feeling extra sensitive and emotional before you pop the question. Everything will feel that much more heightened after shared laughs, gasps watching a play or head bobbing and gentle swaying to a good musical performance.

2. ONEOK Field

Best Place to Propose in Tulsa, OK
ONEOK Field in Tulsa, OK

Or, if you’re both athletic or just big sports fans, you might want to consider ONEOK Field, 201 N Elgin Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120, USA, for a classic, all-American diamond ring reveal.

We’ve seen it in movies and there’s a reason why- diamond engagements that take place at baseball games, or at any sporting event, are super romantic. There’s something about riding the wave of excitement that emanates from the crowd and using it to present your love in the form of a diamond ring that just works.

Sporting events are generally fairly light-hearted, so popping the question while watching a pop-fly tends to be unexpected and thusly, all the more powerful. Unless it’s a particularly important game, people are most often in calm and casual moods at sports games, so the sudden contrast of a wildly exciting proposal will take your partner by surprise, not to mention the crowd.

The nice thing about proposing at a sporting event is having options. You can go for a hilarious ‘want a ring’ proposal. Just buy a side order of onion rings with your hot dog and keep them away from her. When the moment is right, casually ask her if she wants a ring. Then you know what to do! Present her with your gorgeous diamond engagement ring from Tulsa, OK, down on bended knee or simply pass her the box, as if it were nothing. Watch her scream and burst into tears of joy!

Of course, your other option is to talk to the right people and organize something a little bigger. You don’t have to be Kanye and rent out an entire stadium. You can have the same grand effect by simply getting a message on a big board, having a song she likes played over the speaker, or having a mascot come and help you act out a funny love scene. A flashmob works well at sporting events too, so put your thinking cap on before your baseball cap and make it happen!

All Top 18 Places to Propose in Tulsa, OK

Philbrook Museum of Art – 2727 S Rockford Rd – Tulsa – OK 74114 – USA
Gilcrease Museum – 1400 N Gilcrease Museum Rd – Tulsa – OK 74127 – USA
Tulsa Zoo – 6421 E 36th St N – Tulsa – OK 74115 – USA
The Cave House – 1623 Charles Page Blvd – Tulsa – OK 74127 – USA
Woody Guthrie Center – 102 E Brady St – Tulsa – OK 74103 – USA
ONEOK Field – 201 N Elgin Ave – Tulsa – OK 74120 – USA
River Parks – 11th Street – Tulsa – OK 74127 – USA
Tulsa Botanic Garden – 3900 Tulsa Botanic Dr – Tulsa – OK 74127 – USA
Center of the Universe – Boston Ave pedestrian overpass between 1st and Archer Street – Tulsa – OK – USA
Woodward Park – East 21st & Peoria – Tulsa – OK – USA
Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium – 3624 N 74th East Ave – Tulsa – OK 74115 – USA
Mary K. Oxley Nature Center – 3452-3676 Mohawk Blvd – Tulsa – OK 74115 – USA
Tulsa Performing Arts Center – 110 E 2nd St – Tulsa – OK 74103 – USA
Brady Theater – 105 W Brady St – Tulsa – OK 74103 – USA
Mohawk Park – 5701 E 36th St N – Tulsa – OK 74115 – USA
Blue Dome District – Tulsa – OK – USA
Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area – 68th and Elwood – Tulsa – OK 74127 – USA
Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza – Old 11th St Bridge – Tulsa – OK – USA

Bottom Line…

Either Tulsa, OK, location will make your engagement as memorable as can be. Log onto to meet your local diamond jeweler from Tulsa, OK, today.