What is EGL Diamond Certification?

by Willyou.net * Jun 2, 2021

EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) is a diamond-grading lab who provides diamond certification for diamonds. An EGL diamond certification is a document that validates the diamonds authenticity and true value.

The History of EGL Certification

The European Gemological Laboratory, EGL, was founded in 1974 in Europe with international locations found in Antwerp, London, Paris, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto. EGL labs have over 1,000 scientists, diamond graders and diamond educators. They are most well known for their grading techniques with diamonds weighing less than one carat and establishing the “SI3” diamond clarity rating.

Unlike both GIA and AGS certifications, EGL is a for-profit organization, not a non-profit one. Therefore, it’s credentials are considered “looser” than the others. 

What is a S13 Clarity Rating?

The SI3 grade created by EGL is meant to differentiate the better I1 diamonds from ones with slightly more inclusions. On the EGL scale, SI3 Clarity sits between the I1 and SI2 grades. The idea behind this additional grade is to include diamonds that would otherwise be known as “undesired diamonds” and show that they are still beautiful, despite their low clarity grade. Depending on who you speak to in the diamond industry, the S13 grade is considered a controversial topic on the grading scale. 

EGL Certified Diamonds

The EGL certification will provide you with a full diamond certification/grading report for a diamond. It can also give you an origin report of the diamond if requested. The certificate, itself, includes information on the four C’s (carat, clarity, color and cut), as well as details of proportion and symmetry. EGL will also provide a laser inscription inside the diamond to link it to its certification report.

What an EGL Certification Means

A diamond containing an EGL certification means that it has been measured and graded by an independent EGL laboratory. However, it has been criticized by many for its lower grading standards, leading to inconsistent ratings. This is why some diamond dealers will not stock diamonds with an EGL certification. It is also worth noting that an EGL certification is less expensive than other certifications, making it an ideal choice for those on a strict budget.

EGL Diamond Grading Report 

The EGL Diamond Quality Report provides a complete assessment of the stone’s 4 C’s: color, clarity, carat and cut. The report also dives deeper into the cut by analyzing information about proportions and polish of the diamond. The EGL report also features a plotting diagram, which shows the position, size and shape of each inclusion and blemish.