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Jewelry Stores in the Mall – Sparkling Shimmer or Shameful Sinner?

by Willyou.net * Jul 4, 2021

Key Takeaways

  • Mall-based jewelry stores often get a bad rep, but this is totally unfounded.
  • Sure, some jewelry chains are lacking in terms of service and selection, but just because a jewelry store has set up shop in a mall doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.
  • In fact, mall jewelry stores are a much better choice than an online vendor, since you can actually see your options in real life – and talk them through with a jeweler – before you make your final decision.
  • We can’t imagine making a purchase this important outside of a jewelry store, and that’s why mall stores will always have plenty of merit in our eyes.
Jewelry stores in mall

Although jewelry stores in malls tend to get a bad rap, they should still be considered just as trusted and reliable as any diamond ring shop.

At Willyou.net, we want to dispel any misconceptions you might have and destigmatize purchasing a diamond engagement ring from a jeweler situated in a shopping center. They are, after all, still jewelers – whether in a privately owned building or surrounded by other stores on the third level of a mall. Like with anything, you want to do some research to ensure you’re getting the best service or product. But how can you be sure?

Lucky for you, our meticulous screening process ensures you match with a reliable and trusted local diamond jeweler. The diamond services they’ll provide you with will exceed your expectations because we only work with the best. That goes for the diamonds themselves, and the expert jewelers, located in or outside of a mall, who will help craft your dream ring. 

What’s Wrong with Mall Jewelry Stores?

Nothing. Reputable stores selling properly graded diamonds are as trustworthy as their online counterparts – and, in many ways, offer more advantages to shoppers.

It’s unclear why, but some people feel pretty resistant toward the idea of buying engagement rings from jewelry stores in malls. Maybe they seem less legitimate, not having a separate building dedicated solely to their business. With so many other stores in their immediate surroundings – a Cinnabon just round the corner, and an Old Navy downstairs – perhaps there’s a concern that these jewelry stores aren’t meaningful enough for such a momentous occasion. 

But, think about it – what could be more meaningful than actually sitting down and talking to your jeweler about your partner, your vision, and your plans for the proposal? And, at the end of it, giving a ring to your partner that was created with all those little details in mind?

One of the biggest benefits touted by online jewelry stores, aside from their convenience, are the savings they offer. Sure, you can find engagement rings pretty cheap on the right website, but is that the most important thing for this particular purchase…?

Are Online Jewelry Stores Better?

There’s plenty of legitimate online vendors, but some pretty major pitfalls that will mean we always fall in favor of the bricks-and-mortar stores.

Since our world has become so technologically reliant and ‘user-friendly’, it’s no surprise that we will gladly opt out of any real-life encounter in exchange for the convenience of shopping online. Whether looking to order something as insignificant as a pencil sharpener or, at the other end of the scale, as meaningful as a symbolic diamond ring of commitment and love, people are now used to heading online. 

But, once a customer starts clicking away, a daunting question tends to arise: Is online jewelry real?

Of course, you can find plenty of legitimate fine diamond jewelry online, but without seeing it in person, there’s just no way to be sure. When shopping online you’ll, unfortunately, have to deal with:

  • Limited Information: With only a textual description to go off of, there’s lots of room for error – or, worse still, deception. You don’t need to worry about getting lured into anything risky when you focus on the big, reputable vendors, but there’s still plenty of room for misinterpretation or a lack of clarity.
  • Not being able to physically see the item: We can all use our imagination and try to picture what something would look like in real life. Unfortunately, what you see on your screen is not always what you get delivered to you.
  • Quality: While some vendors online are screened, their quality is no match for your trusted, local, brick and mortar jewelry store. 
  • Creativity: Sure, the online stores offer a lot of choice in terms of the design of the ring, but are you really doing to cover all your bases without a more personalised experience? Plenty of people start shopping for an engagement ring with a clear idea in mind, but wind up settling for something totally different – and totally perfect – all because of a one-on-one consultation with their jeweler.
  • After Sales Service: The after sales services differ from vendor to vendor. You might have to bear the expenses of those when you buy online, or spend hours waiting on their customer care line.

Is Buying an Engagement Ring Online Risky?

You’re not putting yourself at risk of getting scammed if you shop from a reputable online vendor, but, compared with a bricks-and-mortar jewelry store, there is a much higher risk that the final product won’t meet with your expectations.

If you’re still dead set on a click and buy experience, here are some other options:

List of Biggest Online Jewelry Stores (by traffic):

  1. Pandora
  2. Brilliant Earth
  3. Kay Jewelers
  4. Blue Nile
  5. Zales Jewelers
  6. Tiffany & Co
  7. JTV
  8. Jared of the Galleria
  9. Cartier
  10. James Allen

There is, however, a pretty big ‘but’… 

At the end of the day, you aren’t going to want to purchase a diamond engagement ring online without having seen it first. It’s far too big of a risk to take with such an important and costly piece. 

Lucky for you, Willyou.net has created a system where you can benefit from the ease and simplicity of shopping online, and more importantly, experience the personal and imperative aspect of creating your diamond engagement ring with your trusted, local, expert jeweler.  

Once you’ve come to your senses and decided to buy in-store from your local jeweler rather than online, one major question still remains: What about jewelry shops in malls? Do those count?

Again, YES! 

It’s important that your jeweler is well-reputed, GIA-certified, expertly knowledgeable, and able to creatively collaborate with clients. As long as they follow through and deliver the high-quality service they guarantee, it makes no difference where they’re located.

ring showcase at jeweler - Jewelry Stores in the Mall – Sparkling Shimmer or Shameful Sinner

Is Jewelry from the Mall Real? How can you tell?

The best way to tell if your jewelry is real is to simply purchase it from a trusted jeweler. Since Willyou.net only works with the top local jewelers, we can assure you that yes, the jewelry you create with and buy from our local jeweler partners located in malls is real.

But, if you find a piece of jewelry from somewhere else, of course, there is a chance that you might have a fake on your hands. Here are some tips and tricks to help you distinguish what’s real from what’s not:

  1. How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real With Fog

Breathe on a stone to fog it up with breath. If the stone stays fogged for a few seconds, it’s probably fake; a real diamond won’t fog up easily. 

  1. How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real With Water

Fill a glass with water and drop the diamond into the glass. If it floats, it’s fake – but, thanks to diamond’s naturally high density, a stone that sinks is likely to be real. 

  1. How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real With a Magnifying Glass

Look at a diamond through a magnifying glass. If you can’t find any imperfections, the diamond is most likely fake.

  1. How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real With a Black Light

Hold the diamond in front of a black light. Most real diamonds will reveal a slight (or strong) fluorescence, which will appear as blue light.

  1. How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real With a Loupe

Look through the loupe and try to spot inclusions. These tiny, natural imperfections along with small flecks of minerals or changes in color indicate the diamond is real. Though there are real diamonds without these characteristics, it’s a fairly good test. 

These at-home tests can give you a sense of whether or not your diamond is real but it’s no secret that your local diamond jeweler will be able to give you a much more accurate diamond diagnosis. You can do your background research with our more comprehensive guide to knowing whether a diamond is real, but nothing beats an in-store, personalized experience with an expert in their field. 

Bottom Line: Should You Trust a Mall Jeweler?

Whether situated in a mall or independently owned shop, the jeweler you select will provide you with the most professional, reliable, and personalized service. We guarantee your trusted local diamond jeweler will walk you through the ins and outs of crafting a custom-made diamond engagement ring with the utmost care.

Find your perfectly matched local jeweler with our website’s convenient store locator, and set out on your journey to create the diamond engagement ring of her ‘Happily Ever After’ dreams!